Scrum Master Intern

Dar es salaam, Tanzania

Who will act as a link between product owners and teams during large projects. They help refine the project timeline and process where necessary, leading products to get delivered on time


Helping software development teams apply the Scrum framework

Planning deliverables and helping teams monitor performance

Manage each project’s scope and timeline

Coordinate sprints, retrospective meetings and daily stand-ups

Coach team members in Agile frameworks

Facilitate internal communication and effective collaboration

Be the point of contact for external communications (e.g. from customers or stakeholders)

Work with product owners to handle backlogs and new requests

Core competencies, knowledge and experience

.Agile and lean programming and development of software systems in Web-scale environments

· Mobile app developer skills with ability to create, maintain and implement the source code to develop mobile apps and programs that meet the needs and requirements of the clients using the computer programming languages.

 · Architectural element testing e.g. APIs

· Automated testing and tools e.g. Selenium

· Code reviewing

· Software incident and problem management

· Knowledge in multiple programming and markup languages, such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Native script, Android, Java,PhP, Ruby, SQL, XML, JSON, C and Python, and paradigms such as object-oriented-, even-driven.

· Must have knowledge of the following databases i.e. MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB. · Vast knowledge of Operating systems such as LINUX etc. · Continuous integration and continuous delivery methodologies and tools · DevOps culture, processes, and tools · Cloud-native architectures, including public cloud PaaS / IaaS, micro-services architectures, API

Must have technical / professional qualifications:

 Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or other related field ·

 Experience in a scrum master role

Familiarity with software development

Understanding of Scrum techniques and artifacts (such as definition of done, user stories, automated testing, backlog refinement)

Good knowledge of  Agile frameworks

Excellent communication and servant leadership skills